close up of christmas tree branch with white flock

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All Christmas trees are flocked right at the nursery.

Watch this great video interview by Goes to 11 media with Cheryl about Christmas Tree flocking

lady by a green christmas tree and closer up a white flocked tree

Cheryl has been flocking Christmas trees at Port Kells Nurseries for the past 20 years.
She uses variety of colours from glacial ice blue, victorian lavender, pink and the classic snow white flocked tree.
Flocking a Christmas tree glues the needles on, so you have minimal mess from needle drop.
The flocked tree can be chipped at the end of the season.

Flock is an artificial snow substance that can be sprayed on any natural tree to make it look like a snow-covered tree.
Our Flock is 100% safe and biodegradable. It consists of a mix of wood pulp, corn starch and boron (a natural occurring element with fire retardant properties).

The tree is sprayed then left to dry for two days. After it is completely dry it is slipped into a plastic sleeve for easy transport.

When you get your tree home you simply put your tree in the stand, set in place and untie the top of the plastic sleeve.  If you like, you may leave the plastic sleeve attached to the bottom of your tree for easy removal after the Christmas season is over.
Water your tree as usual and enjoy.

three flocked christmas trees one blue one white one pink
white flocked christmas tree with lights
group of flocked christmas trees light blue and white

Trees can be pre-lit before flocking or lit after flocking. Spraying the lights with flock adds to the natural beauty and will not harm light strings.
You can then simply remove the strings and reuse as usual.