white truck backed up to row of empty black disposal bins

Port Kells Nurseries is pleased to provide a ‘driveway friendly’ Disposal bin Service for clean fill, garbage and non-compostable waste.
Port Kells Nurseries disposal bin service is prompt, professional and competitively priced.

Call us at 604-882-1344 and speak to one of our service members to arrange a disposal bin.

On the day of service our driver will deliver the disposal bin and place it in the desired location.
After your rental period is complete, our driver will come to pick up the full disposal bin.

Frequently asked Questions about our disposal bin rental:

For clean fill; $299.00– Includes 4 day disposal bin rental ,delivery, pick up and disposal of yard waste. (soil, compost, leaves, branches).
For non-compostable waste and or garbage; $250.00– Includes 4 day disposal bin rental, delivery and pick up. Disposal fee of waste/garbage will be $97.00 per tonne.( the local dumping fee).
A copy of the weigh scale ticket and the credit card invoice will be mailed to you.
The average disposal bin holds 2 to 3 tonnes of waste.
Prices for bin rental, disposal rates and time included vary by region.
Please contact us 604-882-1344 to get full information on pricing details.

Delivery time varies from same day deliveries to 1 or 2 days notice being required. It is best to plan your disposal bins needs a few days in advance so we can best meet your timing requirements.
Each additional day over the rental period included is applicable to daily charges of $25.00. per day * If additional time with the bin is required, you must notify us at least 1 day before the pick up date as we will automatically pick up the bin on the scheduled pick up date.
This will be a new contract with another charge. Our driver will drop off a new bin and pick up the full bin at the same time.
We are not able to give a specific time. Traffic, weather conditions, and disposal bin availability all play a role in delivery time. Deliveries are generally made between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
We are not able to give a specific time. Traffic and weather conditions play a role in pick up time. Pick ups are generally made between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. * Please ensure the bin is not blocked on the scheduled pick up date.

Clean fill are materials you could use to fill in your back yard, like soil, sod, dirt. For clean fill, due to weight restrictions we are only able to supply a 8 cubic yard bin.

Banned items are as follows:
-Beverage containers (all except milk cartons)
-Blue box recyclables
-Electronic waste including personal computers, printers and tv’s
-Corrugated cardboard
-Gypsum drywall
-Medications/ pharmaceuticals
-Office paper
-Oil, oil filters and empty containers
-Pesticides and other household hazardous waste
-Propane cylinders
-Railroad ties
-Refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers due to the refrigerants such as Freon
-Solvents,and flammable liquids
-Yard trimmings and green waste
*Note – It is illegal to place any form of hazardous waste in a disposal bin. Please inquire at time of booking if you are unsure of acceptability of material you are disposing.
Our bins are approximately 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. If your vehicle fits on your driveway our disposal bin will as well.
You may require a permit. Please inquire as to your local regulations.
You may require a permit. Please inquire as to your local regulations.
The preferred method of payment is a major credit card provided at time of booking.
(Visa or Mastercard )
You can, however we will need a cash deposit. Once the bin is picked up and dumped we will reconcile and determine the total bill. If the total cost of the bin use and disposal fees are less than the deposit a refund will be issued within 30 days of the pickup.