close up of garden shovels with orange handles

Our garden center would not be complete without the high-quality tools and supplies necessary for your landscape projects. We have everything from shovels, spades, edgers, rakes, forks, pruners, hoppers, pruning saws, brooms, hoses, wands, water nozzles, sprinklers, accessories, hose reels, fertilizer spreaders, gloves and much, much more.  Baskets and moss liners for interior decorating, working gloves in sizes for women and men, as well as an array of plant supports, trellis and Brackets. Stop in and see for yourself how we can help you get what you need for your gardening project!

Planters, Pots & Hanging Baskets

We have all sizes, styles and colours available in different materials from ceramic, terra cotta, metal, cast iron, fiberglass, plastic, stone, concrete, wire and coco baskets.


We carry a large selection of fertilizers, organic and synthetic, to nourish your plants throughout the growing season. We offer a choice selection of top-quality fertilizers and soil amendments to fit an array of plants and landscape.  Let our experienced staff help you find the right fertilizer for your own gardening needs.

Pest and Weed Control

Port Kells Nurseries has a large assortment of controls useful for repelling insects and animals, as well as products to control disease and weeds in the yard. We also carry organic repellents for other critters, as well as repellent in granular form. Our insecticides and fungicides are available both synthetic and organic, and at various strengths to meet our customers’ needs. In addition to liquid controls we carry netting, harvest guards and landscaping fabrics suitable to protect your garden from hungry animals and weeds.