Helpful tips to get the most out of your hanging basket.

Half wicker hanging basket with yellow begonia flowers
    • Make sure to incorporate controlled release fertilizer into the potting soil. This will release the nutrients according to the temperature.  *All baskets made at Port Kells Nurseries already have the controlled release fertilizer incorporated in them*.
    • Keep your basket watered well. As the plants grow they will require more water. Check the moisture content of your basket by checking the weight. The lighter the basket the more water it will require. During the summer months try watering during the evening as less evaporation will take place at night. Always remember that during very hot summer months you will probably have to water two times a day. When watering, ensure you give enough water to wet the volume of compost in the basket all the way through and not just the surface.
    • Make sure there is proper drainage. If there is inadequate or blocked drainage the plants will become water logged and rot.
    • Water even if it is raining.  As the plants grow their leaves form a canopy over the compost. This keeps the rain from reaching the soil.
    • Ensure that the bracket for your basket is securely fastened and is the correct size for your basket.
    • Fertilize weekly with liquid fertilizers such as Schultz or Miracle-Grow. This will help to keep your plants looking healthy and at their best.
    • If you’re going away for a weekend, take down your hanging basket, place it in full shade, and water heavily.
    • To ensure your basket is at its best deadhead and cut back long and unsightly growth.
    • Turn your basket regularly for even growth.
    • The most common pests in hanging baskets are spider mites and aphids. Use domestic pesticides that fit the plant variety and basket location.