Well over 10,000 pumpkin seeds are planted yearly in 9 growing fields.
Enjoy the slideshow on how our Pumpkin Patch gets to be so great come October.

Seed planting begins in early May Pumpkin seed planted in containers over 10,000 pumpkin, squash and gourd seeds are planted each season Seedling emerging within weeks of planting Seedlings are now ready to be planted in one of our 9 fields Each seedling is carefully hand planted by one of staff members After only a few weeks of growth Tilling between the rows keeps the weeds down Fertilizing the pumpkin field Pumpkins are forming The Pumpkin Patch gets its own Bee Hive. It is very important that all the flowers get pollinated by the bees If not we would have not Pumpkins Bee inside a flower Gourds forming on a plant Pumpkin on plant Pumpkin Field in July Pumpkin Patch ready for October Just some of the thousands of pumpkins and gourds from our fields