Bulk Material

A: 1 part Cement, 2 parts Washed Sand, 3 parts Navy Jack
A: Yes, it does not contain any red fire ants.
A: No, we do not carry it.
A: 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard

A: Roughly 45.3- 63.5kg (110-140lbs)

A: No, but it does leech it’s colour during rainfall (the colour will run, but won’t stain the ground it touches).

A: We do not recommend it because we cannot be sure of what variety of mushroom is growing from the mushroom manure or what pesticides were used at the mushroom farm.

A: No, we do not carry it.

A: No, we do not accept branches bigger than your pinky finger (1.5cm). The disposal bins can take some bigger ones, but the landfill will take all branches.

A: 80L (21.1 U.S gallons) or a container that is equal to 1.5 of our bags. City of Surrey Garbage Cans are NOT ALLOWED.
120L (31.7 U.S gallons), 180L (47.5 U.S gallons), 240L (63.4 U.S gallons) most common size, 360L (95.1 U.S gallons)