Once your blueberry bush is planted and established, it will grow well for years with a little sunshine, water and occasional shot of fertilizer.

Blueberries are divided into 3 classes by fruit ripening time: 
Early Season:Fruit ripens in early to mid June
Mid Season: Fruit ripens in mid July
Late Season: Fruit ripens from July into August


Plant them in the spring or fall. Blueberries grow best is full sun. They need acidic soils with a pH of 4.0 to 4.5. They like clay and other poor or rocky soils. You may need to increase the acidity in your soil to grow healthy bushes. Space blueberry bushes about three to four feet apart and one inch deeper in the soil then in the nursery.
Mix in healthy amounts of compost and other organic matter. Keep a thick layer of mulch around your blueberry bushes to eliminate weeds,and help keep the soil moist.
Water well after planting and in the first few weeks as necessary to promote good root growth. Blueberries require one inch of rainfall per week and two inches when flowering.
A new bush will produce fruit in the third year. After that, your bush will thrive for many years to come with just a little care and maintenance.
Add fertilizer once in the spring and again in late summer. The latter application will help to promote buds for next year.


Blueberry bushes should be pruned every year in order to keep them producing high yields of good quality fruit. Prune the pl