used plastic pots in white bag

Port Kells Nurseries provides an eco-friendly way to recycle your used pots and trays.

Most gardeners appreciate having a convenient place to recycle their used pots and, we at Port Kells Nurseries, truly wanted to work toward a solution. We are now the only nursery in Canada to accept pots for recycling year round.

When returning  pots you can help us by tapping off excess soil, stacking them by size, and dropping them off in the designated recycling spot at the nursery.

white bags filled plastic pots for recycling tied up for pick up

The containers and trays that are collected at the nursery are transported to Westcoast Recycling in Richmond.
Last year alone we collected over 24 plastic totes which equate to 24000 liters or 4 large truck loads.

Thank-you for doing your part to keep plastics out of the land fill.