Here is how we are ensuring our staff and customer’s safety:

–  The washrooms by the Goat Palace are open for public use.
The washrooms in the Gift Store are closed to the public.

– Signage and arrows have been put in high-traffic areas to help with the flow of customers.

– Staff only access to certain areas of the store.

– Plexi-glass shields at our cash registers and order desk.

– Shopping carts and baskets are sanitized after each use.

– Hand sanitizer available at the entrance doors and cash registers.

– Face coverings are required before entering the nursery.

– Dogs are allowed on a leash.

“We are doing our very best to make sure that our customers feel safe and comfortable coming to shop at Port Kells Nurseries. We are constantly learning and adapting as the the situation evolves, if you have any questions or comments contact us at 604-882-1344 or

Thank you for shopping at Port Kells Nurseries.