girl looking with blue face paint above eyes and black stars
Lady face painting girls face white with large poster in background of all faces she can paint

For a small fee, Jenn the Face Painter will transform your face into a beautiful work of art.

Jenn can paint pretty princesses, butterflies, super heroes or flowers.
If it’s scary you want then how about a dragon, spider or a monster!

All paints are non-toxic—use soap and water to remove.

Jenn will return to the Pumpkin Patch in 2022!

Visit her Facebook page here

Girl with face painted like a brown dog with tongue out
boy and girl with face painted one like monster other white and red
Boy with half face painted like monster
boy with batman bat painted on face
two girls with face painted like a cat and other like a puppy in blue
girl with yellow flower in hair with face painted like dracula