Are you busy on the go or just don’t have the know how to make your own planters or hanging baskets? Get a head start on container and hanging basket planting and let the Potting Station custom plant your containers. Simply bring in your pots or choose a container from our large selection of sizes and styles. The ladies in the Potting Station will design custom containers with your likes and exposure in mind. You choose the colors and we design a beautiful custom container for you.

February is the ideal time to bring in your pots for custom planting. If you don’t  have room to store you empty containers then bring them in sooner and we will store them for you till the time is right to plant them up. Port Kells Nurseries offers greenhouse storage of your baskets and planters free of charge!

We begin planting up customer containers at the end of March. The planted containers will stay here in our greenhouse until the time is right to place them outside, Which is usually around the long weekend in May.