Turf root growth

Step One
Lime –  The best time to lime your lawn is in the spring. It helps neutralize acidic soil. Lime will sweeten up your soil and help keep your lawn in good shape.
(Lime is a treatment for your soil, not your grass).

Step two
Moss control –  Apply moss control in the morning or evening as grass needs to be moist.

Step Three
Top dress – Apply top dress soil mix to fill holes and smooth the lawn area.
Apply ‘Over seeding’ grass seed to bare areas of your lawn.
For soggy lawns or clay soils aerating is recommended followed by applying a thin layer of washed sand ¼ inch thick.

Step Four
Fertilize –  Good (12-4-8) Better (slow release fertilizer) Re-apply in mid summer.
*See below what the numbers mean on a fertilizer bag