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Our online Plant Database currently includes more than 1500 listings. In time, we plan to add more and more plants into our online database. Until then you'll just have to visit Port Kells Nurseries to see what other plant treasures we have in store for you.

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Bear's Breech

Acanthus have large, glossy green leaves are highly ornamental and create a tropical appearance.

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Achillea is a low-maintenance plant that grows well with little care. It produces attractive fragrant fern like leaves.

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Aconitum produce three-lobed rich-green leaves on tall stocks. Blooms are hooded and usually a deep blue

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Are evergreen succulents. Stems can be short and stubby or long and branched

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Lily of the Nile

Agapanthus have attractive green strap-like foliage that grows from thick, fleshy rhizomes to form spreading clumps.

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Hyssop, Licorice Mint

Agastache are summer blooming perennials, with fragrant aromatic foliage. The tubular, two-lipped flowers are borne in whorls

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Ajuga reptans

Carpet Bugle

Ajuga is a rapidly spreading, mat-forming ground cover which features shiny, dark green leaves.

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Ajuga reptans 'Bronze Beauty'

Carpet Bugle - Bronze Beauty Carpet Bugle

The foliage is evergreen in most regions and has an attractive bronzy-brown shade

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Alcea are tall and slender biennials or short-lived perennials. Large, saucer shaped brightly colored flowers bloom along the spikes in summer.

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Ladys Mantle

Alchemilla is a clump-forming perennial with soft, grey-green, fan-shaped foliage often with silky hairs on their undersides.

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Alstroemeria lutea

Lily - Peruvian Lily

Bright yellow flowers with speckled throats appear from July through to

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Anemone range from low-growing, tuberous plants to tall herbaceous specimens. Bloom time ranges from spring to autumn.

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Anthemis produces long lasting daisy-like flower heads on erect stems above fern-like finely toothed and aromatic foliage.

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Columbine, Grannys Bonnet

Aquilegia are hardy clump-forming perennials that often grow from small slender woody rhizomes.

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Arabis are low-growing, spreading plants for edgings, rock gardens, ground covers.

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Thrift , Sea Pink

Armeria have narrow stiff evergreen leaves which grow in compact tufts or basal rosettes. The small white, pink, or rose flowers a

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Wormwood, Mugwort

Artemisia are grown for their silvery-green deeply divided fragrant foliage and medicinal properties.

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Goat's Beard

Aruncus is a small genus of two or three species of perennials, related to Filipendula and Spiraea.

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Ginger - Wild Ginger

Asarum is an evergreen low-growing and rhizomatous woodland perennial.

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Butterfly Weed, Milk Weed

Asclepias are best known for their milky sap. Bloom in summer typically bearing many small star like fragrant flowers in broad flattened clusters at branch tips.

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Aster flowers resemble small daisies, with yellow disk florets, white, pink, blue, or purple ray florets.

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False Spirea

Astilbe grows from thick rhizomes (lateral underground stems) and form solid clumps of attractive compound leaves.

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Astrantias are woodland perennials with showy, lobed, palmate leaves and colorful small flowers with delicate bracts.

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Rock Cress

Aubrieta is a mat-forming, herbaceous plant with simple lightly hairy leaves. The stems are usually hairy and well-branched.

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Daisy - English Daisy

This perennial is usually grown as a biennial. The tiny blossoms can be double or single and come in a large variety of colors

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Bergenia, Elephant Ears, Pigsqueak

Loose clump forming, rhizomatous, semi evergreen perennial. Has a large thick leathery

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Siberian Bugloss

This perennial has heart-shaped leaves and clusters of springtime star like flowers that are powder blue

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Caltha palustris

Marigold - Marsh Marigold

Is a mounded perennial with thick stems broadly heart-shaped leaves

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Caltha palustris 'Multiplex'

Marigold - Double Flowering Marsh Marigold

Beautiful dwarf plant with double yellow flowers

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Campanula is slow spreading making mounds of bright green leaves covered with masses of cup shaped flowers

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Canna 'Australis'

Canna -Bronze Water Canna

Velvety deep red blooms with burgundy/bronze leaves.

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Canna 'Phasion'

Canna - Tropicanna Canna

Spring leaves emerge an intense purple and are soon striped with green, yellow, pink, and red

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Canna generalis 'Pink Sunburst'

Canna - Pink Sunburst Canna

A very showy dwarf Canna

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Canna generalis 'Pretoria'

Canna - Bengal Tiger Canna

Variegated foliage, light green and cream striped leaves.

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Canna x generalis Black Knight

Canna - Black Knight Canna

Marginal plant. Produces Red blooms on long flower spikes

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Cardamine trifolia

Bittercress - Trifoliate Bittercress

An evergreen groundcover. The rounded, three-part leaves are dark green

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Although actually a woody shrub, Caryopteris is usually cut back each spring to 6 inches and treated more like a perennial.

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Cornflower, Bachelors Button,

Large, showy flowers with spidery thistle like flower petals, stand out against the dark green leaves.

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Plumbago, Leadwort

Clump forming perennial with glossy semi evergreen foliage that turns bronze in fall.

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Gold Drop

Forms a low mound of thick succulent evergreen leaves. Bears upright stems with

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Chrysanthemum is a genus comprised of approximately 20 to 30 species of herbaceous perennials. Some are clump forming and others spread quite rapidly via

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Cimicifuga is a striking perennial for the back of the shady border.

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Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'

Taro - Black Magic Elephant Ear Taro

Grown for its huge heart-shaped leaves that add drama

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Colocasia esculenta 'Blue Hawaii'

Taro - Blue Hawaii Taro

Has large green leaves with prominent bluish-purple veins

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Colocasia esculenta 'Fontanesii'

Taro - Violet Stem Taro

Shiny green heart-shaped leaves on dark purple (almost black) stalks.

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Lily of the Valley

One of the most common of old-fashioned perennials, and a favorite for growing as a ground cover in shady areas.

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Cordyline australis 'Red Star'

Cordyline - Red Star Cordyline

A striking half hardy foliage plant with long, thin, arching, bronze-red leaves

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Cordyline australis 'Sundance'

Cordyline - Sundance Cordyline

A striking half hardy foliage plant with long, arching striped green, yellow and red leaves

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Daisy like flowers bloom in profusion over long period in summer. Leaves are neat and broader in some kinds than in others.

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Cornus canadensis


This woodland plant makes a wonderful ground cover under a canopy of trees, or in any reasonably moist shady area.

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