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Our online Plant Database currently includes more than 1500 listings. In time, we plan to add more and more plants into our online database. Until then you'll just have to visit Port Kells Nurseries to see what other plant treasures we have in store for you.

We do not ship plants. Plant purchases can only be made in person at the nursery.

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70 results

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'

Hosta - Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta

A large mounding perennial. Has blue- green deep cupped puckered foliage.

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Hosta 'American Halo'

Hosta - American Halo

American Halo hosta has thick rounded blue-green leaves with streaky cream-white

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Hosta 'Antioch'

Hosta - Antioch Hosta

Hosta Antioch has pointy medium-green leaves with a streaky margin

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Hosta 'Barbra Ann'

Hosta - Barbara Ann Hosta

Hosta Barbara Ann has thick, corrugated, blue-green leaves with broad, creamy margins

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Hosta 'Blue Angel'

Hosta - Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Angel is a clump forming giant hosta. It produces a large heart-shaped, wavy waxy leaves

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Hosta 'Blue Boy'

Hosta - Blue Boy

Hosta Blue Boy forms a solid mound of foliage.

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Hosta 'Blue Hawaii'

Hosta - Blue Hawaii Hosta

Blue Hawaii has heart shaped upright blue corrugated leaves that holds their colour

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Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'

Hosta - Blue Mouse Ears

Blue Mouse Ears Hosta forms a miniature compact mound of small thick heart shaped blue-green leaves.

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Hosta 'Bressingham Blue'

Hosta - Bressingham Blue Hosta

A mounding perennial with large blue green heart- shaped, cupped puckered leaves

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Hosta 'Bright Lights'

Hosta - Bright Lights Hosta

The golden, puckered, leaves have wide, streaked blue green margins. Plants are very resistant to slugs

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Hosta 'Brim Cup'

Hosta - Brim Cup Hosta

This smaller selection has deep green, upwardly cupped, and lightly corrugated leaves with a wide, streaky white margin.

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Hosta 'Chantilly Lace'

Hosta - Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace hosta forms a dense upright mound. The leaves are small and lance-shaped with twisted, pointed tips.

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Hosta 'Cherry Berry'

Hosta - Cherry Berry

Hosta Cherry Berry has a mounding habit. It produces pointy shaped creamy white leaves with dark green margins.

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Hosta 'Christmas Tree'

Hosta - Christmas Tree Hosta

Hosta Christmas Tree has puckered green leaves with a streaky white margin

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Hosta 'Color Glory'

Hosta - Color Glory Hosta

Hosta Color Glory is a medium hosta with round, corrugated leaves that have creamy yellow and chartreuse

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Hosta 'Dragon Tails'

Hosta - Dragon Tails Hosta

A dwarf mounding perennial. Has narrow yellow wavy edged leaves.

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Hosta 'Dream Queen'

Hosta - Dream Queen Hosta

Slug resistant and sun tolerant. Medium-sized hosta that forms neat spreading clumps.

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Hosta 'Dream Weaver'

Hosta - Dream Weaver Hosta

A mounding perennial. Has large, round leaves with wide, dark blue-green margins

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Hosta 'Earth Angel'

Hosta - Earth Angel Hosta

One of the largest leafed variegated blue Hosta.

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Hosta 'Fair Maiden'

Hosta - Fair Maiden

A dwarf mounding perennial. Has small, round blue-gray leaves with white margins.

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Hosta 'Fire and Ice'

Hosta - Fire and Ice Hosta

Bright, pure white center with a sharply contrasting dark green margin; heavy substance.

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Hosta 'First Frost'

Hosta - First Frost Hosta

First Frost produces blue-green leaves with a yellow border that turns white as the season progresses.

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Hosta 'Francee'

Hosta - Francee Hosta

Very popular is a quick grower and a solid garden plant. Narrow, yellow to white margins on ovate

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Hosta 'Frances Williams'

Hosta - Frances Williams Hosta

Large rounded green blue leaves. A wide golden variegation circles each leaf.

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Hosta 'Frozen Margarita'

Hosta - Frozen Margarita Hosta

Margarita produces large textured chartreuse leaves with irregular creamy white edges.

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Hosta 'Ginko Craig'

Hosta - Ginko Craig Hosta

Ginko features a mound of narrow, medium green leaves edged with pure white

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Hosta 'Gold Standard'

Hosta - Gold Standard

Hosta Gold Standard has large heart shaped leaves that emerge with a light shade of greenish-yellow in spring and then turn golden yellow

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Hosta 'Golden Tiara'

Hosta - Golden Tiara Hosta

A mounding perennial with heart shaped green leaves and yellow margins.

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Hosta 'Great Expectations'

Hosta - Great Expectations

A mounding perennial. Has large round puckered yellow leaves with irregular light bluish green margins.

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Hosta 'Guacamole'

Hosta - Guacamole Hosta

Avocado green foliage with darker green margins forms large, dense clumps.

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Hosta 'Halcyon'

Hosta - Halcyon Hosta

Excellent slug resistance. An erect plant featuring a mound of flat, spear-shaped, heavily-textured, blue-green leaves

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Hosta 'Hideout'

Hosta - Hideout Hosta

A small mounding perennial. Has twisted lace shaped white centered leaves with narrow green

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Hosta 'Hush Puppie'

Hosta - Hush Puppie Hosta

A dwarf mounding perennial. Has small grey green leaves edged with creamy white margins

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Hosta 'Lakeside Cupcake'

Hosta - Lakeside Cupcake Hosta

A small mounding perennial. Has large puckered cupped green leaves with yellow centers.

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Hosta 'Liberty'

Hosta - Liberty

Hosta Liberty is clump forming. Produces thick dark green leaves with yellow margins which fade to creamy white in summer.

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Hosta 'Little Sunspot'

Hosta - Little Sunspot Hosta

A mounding perennial. Has variegated cupped leaves with yellow splashed

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Hosta 'Love Pat'

Hosta - Love Pat Hosta

Excellent slug resistance. Vigorous plant with puckered blue leaves will perform well in shade to 3/4 sun in the garden.

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Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'

Hosta - Night Before Christmas Hosta

Large, pointed green leaves with narrow white centers. The foliage is slightly wavy with heavy leaf substance.

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Hosta 'Orange Marmalade'

Hosta - Orange Marmalade Hosta

Orange Marmalade emerges in the spring with a green center and blue-green edge before transitioning to an orange-gold

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Hosta 'Paradise Joyce'

Hosta - Paradise Joyce Hosta

Leaves emerge solid blue in spring and gradually develop chartreuse to yellow centers which brighten to ivory.

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Hosta 'Paul's Glory'

Hosta Paul's Glory

Hosta Paul's Glory produces heart shaped leaves with golden yellow centers and blue-green margins

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Hosta 'Praying Hands'

Hosta - Praying Hands Hosta

Praying hands produces dark green crinkled leaves, each with a narrow, creamy yellow border.

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Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'

Hosta - Rainforest Sunrise Hosta

A mounding perennial. Has lime green leaves with dark green edges.

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Hosta 'Regal Splendor'

Hosta - Regal Splendor Hosta

Large, pointed, colorful frosty blue leaves are edged in a narrow creamy yellow to white margins.

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Hosta 'Revolution'

Hosta - Revolution Hosta

It has cream colored leaves that are speckled with green and an irregular dark green margin around the leaves.

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Hosta 'Royal Standard'

Hosta - Royal Standard Hosta

Has deep green foliage. Perhaps Hosta Royal Standard's greatest quality is the highly fragrant funnel shaped white flowers that bloom from July through August.

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Hosta 'Sagae'

Hosta - Sagae

Hosta Sagae has an upright vase-like growing habit. It produces a large clump of broad, heart-shaped, waxy green leaves

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Hosta 'Serendipity'

Hosta - Serendipity

Hosta Serendipity makes a medium-sized, dense mound of cascading leaves, upright in the center, spreading at the perimeter.

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Hosta 'Snow Cap'

Hosta - Snow Cap Hosta

Large puckered, heart shaped leaves with blue-green centers and wide, cream to white borders.

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Hosta 'Stepping Out'

Hosta - Stepping Out Hosta

A mounding perennial. Has large cupped green leaves with cream edges.

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