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Our online Plant Database currently includes more than 1500 listings. In time, we plan to add more and more plants into our online database. Until then you'll just have to visit Port Kells Nurseries to see what other plant treasures we have in store for you.

We do not ship plants. Plant purchases can only be made in person at the nursery.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that all plants will be in stock at our nursery at all times.

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14 results

Borinda angustissima

Bamboo - Narrow Leaved Bamboo

A Chinese bamboo that is a tight clumping form.

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Chusquea gigantea

Bamboo - Giant Bamboo

A clumping evergreen bamboo that forms a slow spreading grove of very upright plants

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Fargesia denudata

Bamboo - Denudata Bamboo, Naked Clumping Bamboo

A clumping non-invasive evergreen bamboo. Produces small thin green leaves

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Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa'

Bamboo - Dragons Head Bamboo,Green Panda Bamboo

A clumping noninvasive evergreen bamboo. Very vigorous, rapid growth

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Fargesia murielae

Bamboo - Umbrella Bamboo

A clumping noninvasive evergreen bamboo. Produces thin yellow-green arching canes

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Fargesia scabrida

Bamboo - Scabrida Clumping Bamboo

A noninvasive clumping evergreen bamboo. New culms are covered with orange sheaths

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Phyllostachys aurea

Bamboo - Gold Stem Bamboo

A very graceful species. Canes bright green maturing to pale yellow.

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Phyllostachys aureosulcata

Bamboo - Yellow Groove Bamboo

An evergreen running bamboo. It has slender young green stems

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Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castillonis'

Bamboo - Castillon Timber Bamboo

A clump forming, evergreen bamboo.

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Phyllostachys nigra

Bamboo - Black Bamboo

New clumps green, turning black in second year.

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Pleioblastus auricomus

Bamboo - Dwarf Variegated Bamboo

Dwarf, slow spreading evergreen bamboo with striking golden variegated foliage.

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Pleioblastus pygmaeus

Bamboo - Pygmy Bamboo

A dwarf running bamboo.

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Pleioblastus Viridistriatus 'Auricoma'

Bamboo - Dwarf Green stripe Bamboo

A non-invasive compact, semi-dwarf bamboo

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Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata'

Bamboo - Albostriata Variegated Bamboo

A vigorous spreading bamboo that has lush green and cream foliage that is evergreen.

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