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Spiraea japonica 'Crispa'

Common Name: Spirea - Crisp Leaf Spirea
Spiraea japonica 'Crispa'

Have pink flowers in large clusters. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the new growth, which is burgundy-red. Distinguished by their size, bloom color and season of bloom, spireas all have small leaves and fine, twiggy branches. Once established, they are drought tolerant.

Plant Care:Plant in protected areas away from freezing winter winds in northern climate range. Water regularly until established and during dry spells for optimum performance. Fertilize in early spring before new growth appears. Prune after flowering to maintain desired shape [blooms on previous year's growth]. Maintain a mulch layer to conserve soil moisture and minimize pesky weeds.

Characteristics & Attributes

Plant TypeBloom ColorBloom Time
shrubs - DeciduousPink May-July



60-90cm (2-3ft)90cm-1.21m (3-4ft)Zones 4-8


Soil Moisture

Foilage Color
Full sunModerate to RegularBurgundy

Soil Type

Tolerates drought and dry soils and will grow in well-drained, loamy, sandy or clay soils with a pH of acidic to slightly alkalineGood accent shrub, informal flowering hedges and screens. Considered pest free.
*Attracts Butterflies
*Deer Resistant