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Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'

Common Name: Cedar - Emerald Cedar
Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'

Emerald green dense pyramid. Holds it's color all year. Rarely needs pruning. Smaller upright cedar with good glossy green foliage. Works very well in more shaded areas. Very tolerant of nearly all soil conditions. Should be given moisture in times of extreme drought. Protection from winter winds and sun may be necessary.

Plant Care: Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth appears in spring and shear to shape annually to maintain a tidy appearance.

Characteristics & Attributes

Plant TypeBloom ColorBloom Time
ConiferYellow April-May



3-5m (9-16ft)1.5m (5ft)zone 1-9


Soil Moisture

Foilage Color
Sun to Partial ShadeModerateGreen

Soil Type

Well-drained soil.Specimen or accent. Hedge, background plant or Foundation
*Attracts Birds