One of the best gardening months of the entire year is January. This is an ideal month to plant fruit, flowering and shade trees, dormant spray, prune and eliminate weeds. This is also a great time to sharpen and repair mowers, trimmers, shredders, chain saws and other garden implements.

*Sow seed for annuals such as snapdragons, nicotiana and petunia indoors.

*Look for fist snowdrops.

*Draw up plans for your vegetable garden.

*Knock heavy snow from shrubs and hedges to prevent damage.

*Keep an eye on over wintered fuchsias and Pelargoniums for whitefly and signs of rot.

*Prune fruit trees and late flowering deciduous shrubs.

*Snip back lateral and side branches of wisteria to within two or three buds.

*Spray fruit trees with lime sulphur and dormant oil to kill over wintering insects and fungal diseases.

*Bring birds to the garden by putting out a feeder or hanging a seed bell.