The following trees are considered generally attractive to butterflies. These trees are nectar-producing and will yield great results when planted in such a way to provide butterflies with easy access. One of the biggest things that you need to remember when you are attempting to attract butterflies to your backyard is that you need to have a lot of different trees for them to choose from. This way, you will definitely be attracting more than one type of butterfly. A great addition to any butterfly garden is rocks as well, this gives a great place for all of the butterflies to stop and rest their wings.

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Acer (Maple)
Aesculus (Horse chestnut)
Amelanchier (Service berry)
Betula (Birch)
Cornus (Ddogwood)
Crataegus (Hawthorn)
Malus (Flowering crabapple)
Pinus (Pine)
Populus (Poplar)
Prosopis Mesquite)
Prunus virginiana (Choke cherry)
Pseudotsuga (Douglas fir)
Quercus (Oak)
Salix (Willow)
Tilia (Basswood)