Climb in and pick your spot on top of a hay bale. Hang on as one of our three themed hay wagons takes you on a fun adventure around the nursery with the final stop at the pumpkin patch. The hay rides leave every 15 minutes and runs everyday in October.

 Unlimited rides with paid admission for the entire day!

We have 3 exciting Themed Hay Wagons in our fleet.

Hay Ride wagon and tractor

The  Scary Hay Wagon.
Full of scary cut out faces.

Hay Ride

The Animal Adventure Hay Wagon.
The largest of our fleet.

Tractor pulling hay wagon in pumpkin field

The Ogopogo Hay Wagon.

The adventure will begin at our Chicken Coop . It will make its way around the nursery coming to the Goat Palace. There you will see our family of goats, before ending at our final fun filled destination The Pumpkin Patch. 

Hay Ride
child looking through a pumpkin cut out
Girl looking through an owl cutout

Along the sides of the Animal Adventure and the Ghost Hay Wagon are different cut outs for children or adults to put their heads through for those “Kodak moments”.

So don’t forget your cameras!